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Maeva Marcognet - Actress, Dancer, Model -

 Los Angeles, Etats-unis



Maëva Marcognet, 29 years old, French. Born in the South of France. Grew up in Asia.

Currently living in Los Angeles. Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking.

Bubbly traveler going back and forth between France, Bangkok, Bali & Los Angeles.

I speak fluent French and English.

I am a passionate and rising actress, currently working in Los Angeles and studying Acting at UCLA.

I've been able to train in different parts of the world such as the Cours Florent in Paris, France, as well as a LAMDA representative in Bali, Indonesia and The Acting Corps in Los Angeles, United States.

I have been dancing for 15 years in various styles such as Contemporary, Street-Jazz, Dancehall, Salsa and Hip-Hop to end up specializing in Pole dance and Belly Dance 8 years ago.

I started theater when I was 8 years old and always knew i was meant to be on a stage. I started modeling when I was 15, discovering a passion for the front of the camera. That's when I decided to mix the two of them, and realized all I wanted was to act each and everyday.

I have started my carreer in the film industry when I was 17 in Bangkok, Thailand by being a background actress, and going from audition to audition everyday while finishing high school. I went to Film school in College as I was aslo curious and fascinated by the whole process of filmmaking, and found great interest in editing.


I now have experience in Television, Cinema, Dance & Modeling and love to keep learning everyday.

I have already appeared in TV shows, Music Videos, Short films, Web Series and Commercials in France, Asia and America.



Profile below:

First Name: Maëva
Last Name: Marcognet
Gender: Woman
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: French
Age: 28 years old

Height: 5'4
Bust: 83cm
Waist: 70cm
Hips: 84cm
Cup: B
Size: S
Shoes: 6.5

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown 
Hairstyle: Long & Straight

Other: Freckles & Dimples
Tattoos: Yes (Upper back and rib)
Earrings : Yes
Piercings: Yes, nose, belly & ears
Languages spoken: French, English (Fluent), Thai & Spanish (Intermediate) 

Talents: Dance, Fitness, Horseriding & French/American accents

Email: maevamarcognet@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maevamcgt/
Facebook: maevamarcognetofficial



Maëva Marcognet


Age : 29 ans
Ville : Los Angeles
Pays : Etats-unis
Rémunération souhaitée : Variable en fonction des projets proposés

Membre inscrit depuis le : 13/09/2017
Dernière connexion le 24/07/2023.
Dernières photos ajoutées le 13/12/2021


Poitrine(1) : 0 cm
Taille(2) : 0 cm
Hanche(3) : 0 cm
Hauteur : 162 cm
Confection : 38
Pointure : 0
Cheveux : Chatain
Yeux : Noisette
Type ethnique : Européen
Signes particuliers : Taches de rousseur & Fossettes




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Contact: maevamarcognet@gmail.com

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