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 Graignes, France

Darkhorsephotos Business

I am a Full Time Professional Photographer, this IS my job, my earnings, the way I make a living.


I am very easy person to deal with, I have 30 years experience shooting and this is reflected in my Skills and Work.  

This IS NOT A HOBBY TO ME, this is my Job. Professionalism in Everything. 

You expect Professionalism from Me, I expect the same from Models too. 

I have seperate Accommodation available for travelling models... !  

If You are a Model Travelling into the Manche { 50 } area & perhaps wish accom for the night in Trade for some of your Time please message me, or think about Business and arranging to Work from here with Local Photographers.


My Word means a lot to me, My Reputation is Valuable to me...


I often have Personal Projects and Art Work that I wish to pursue, always Learning New Skills. New experimental lighting techniques. 

Please Message me if you have Urbex Locations in Normandie and are brave enough to shoot there... Not necessarily nude but it is my preferred Genre of Shooting. 

Am very much looking for Beach areas with Rocks to pose on at Sunset / Sunrise, Old Chateau's / Buildings etc.... Again message me.. 


I am continuing my business in Normandie, with the intention to use my studio block, once it is up and running, as a means for Local & Travelling models to use as a Base, so they can Earn money from modelling by selling their time and modelling skills to other Normandie based photographers or Travelling Photographers. 

I WILL be running Workshops / Model days / Classes & Teaching Photography once the Studio is complete enough to use. 



SI TU JAMAIS POSE LA QUESTION , TU PEUT JAMAIS REÇU ......... A Trade is Always worth asking about...... If you are Brave Enough....

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