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Situation : France / Paris
Mise en ligne par Radmila le 11/01/2018 à 14:17
Dans la catégorie Recherche photographe
I'm a model from Berlin with 4 years experience: mostly nude: private filming, photo-video, seminars, advertising. I do not shoot in porno. I have worked with photographers from Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, USA. I speak English, Russian and a little bit German (But prefer to discuss in English). I'm going to gym, have several years of yoga experience and just begun learning pole dance. So i m pretty flexible and fit, but not an acrobat yet.

In the period from 15 to 23 January I will be in Paris. I will be glad to cooperate. Not TFP.

I will be glad to cooperate with you.

my portfolio: http://rada-mila.com/portfolio/
my snapshots: http://rada-mila.com/snapshots/
my videos: http://rada-mila.com/video/

My mail: radmila.model@gmail.com
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